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Why Should Websites Be responsive?

With the increasing popularity of smart phones, tablets, mini notebooks, etc., web browsers face the challenge to maintain the same look and feel across different platforms. A website viewed on a PC and then viewed on another devices browswer may appear differently. The reason why is because of the different screen sizes.

A popular way to combat this problem is to make a mobile friendly version of websites. However, with more and more different devices, other than phones, coming out that are capable of accessing the web more challenges of maintaining web design are faced. Are designers and developers expected to create a tablet friendly or video game console friendly web page as well? The answer to this question is no and the reason why is because of this new trend known as responsive web design.

Responsive web design in simplest terms is a design technique that keeps web pages the same no matter what the screen size and layout the end user is viewing it on. On a responsive web page, users can also re-size their browser to make it thinner, wider, bigger, or smaller and the layout of the web page will automatically adjust itself to the new size.

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