Time to Rebrand your Identity

Netphiles News   •   February 1, 2018

Many companies rebrand their identity either in a subtle way or overhaul their entire logo to showcase their company’s intention in establishing a new identity.  It maybe as simple as a color change or a new shift to focus away from an outdated look.

Here are a few reasons why rebranding is sometimes necessary:

Out with the old, In with the New

A company may get associated with a negative image due to an incident that the company maybe involved in, hence driving away potential customers.  In order to solve the visual aspect of a company, a logo is completely overhauled to give the company a fresh look and attracting a new potential consumer base.

Attracting new demographics

With ever evolving demographics, new research and market niche can lead to growth in the company’s growth in consumers.

Changes in market

Sometimes your competitor may evolve due to change in market, rebranding becomes necessary to keep up with the cutting edge.  A great example is Mac vs PC where Microsoft was a established leader in technology but Apple’s rebranding caused a shift in dynamics of attracting consumers to a new, sleeker style of Apple.

The market’s ever evolving trends has caused competition to grow and your business position needs to continuously shift to keep up with the cutting edge trends in brand identity.