Minimalism in Web Design

Netphiles News   •   August 3, 2017

Nowadays, a website is a focal point of exposure for all organizations. However with so many website styles to choose from, it can be an overwhelming and daunting task.

Minimalism is the latest and a lasting design concept that will always remain as a top style, no matter how many trends come and go. This concept has become increasingly popular not only too many websites showcasing this basic philosophy, but also because of growing use of mobile devices.

The minimalist web design principles and rules may sound simple, but they are far from it. They still require same amount of usability (sometimes even better) with less interface in order to balance aesthetics and functionality.

It’s a delicate idea with overall focus on content, fearless use of space, stunning visuals and simple navigation style.

To read how to effectively achieve this kind of minimalism in a website, please read this great article which further elaborates this complex web design feature on